Jose Antonio Sanchez Rayito

Don´t let anyone to tell you that you can´t do it!

Story of my life

Jose Antonio Sanchez Rayito

Boxing/29 years old/

JOSE ANTONIO SANCHEZ RAYITO was born in 1989 in Almeria, Spain. He always had a love of sports and trained in karate for 12 years. During his military career, he discovered boxing. Three years ago, he met his Finnish wife, and they decided to move to Finland together for their boxing careers. They are now building their life in Helsinki. Jose had always been very interested in boxing and soon knew that he had the talent for it. Boxing has provided him with a lot of confidence during his career, and a lot of patience as well. However, sometimes it has been difficult for him, not knowing when his next fight – and payday – will be.  His record is 7 Wins (4k.o) 0 defeat y 1 draw. 

For him, the best moment of a fight is going in the ring ­– and it’s a very emotional moment every time. Jose is practicing hard so that one day he will become a champion. Jose met the NoPain Fight Family through his wife Sonia (another member of the No Pain Fight Family). For him, it was natural to be around a supportive and truly understanding team. His slogan: Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

“Don´t let anyone to tell you that you can´t do it.”

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