Markus Juola

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Story of my life

Markus Juola

Ice Cross/34 years old/Finland

Markus “Kreisi Make” Juola is one of Finland’s best-known Ice Cross Downhill athletes. This unique homegrown expert began his Ice Cross Downhill career in the 2013 Nordic Championships. During the next season, he gained a spot on the World Championship tour by winning the national team qualifiers. Juola has been one of the top Finnish Ice Cross Downhill athletes for years now, placing second in the team competition of the Jyväskylä leg of the World Championships as well as winning a couple of Finnish Championship medals. He has been no stranger to bigger injuries, but he has never let them slow him down on his road to the top competitions of the sport, time after time. Markus is also the first Finn to do a front and back flip on an Ice Cross Downhill course. Kreisi Make's videos have been viewed on YouTube over five million times.

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“"You are the man baby"”

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