Natalia Dyackova


Story of my life

Natalia Dyackova

Thaiboxing/Venäjä, Petroskoi

Natalia Dyackova is a Russian World Champion Thai boxer; she has won 8 times Russian Championship, European Champion in 2013, The World Champion IFMA in 2012, WPMF in 2012 and WMC-L1 in 2014. Her story starts from Petrozavodsk, Russia. Natalia has literally “fought” all the way from Russian suburbs to World Champion. She knows that nothing comes free in this life; you need to deserve it. She has been and she still is an idol, bringing inspiration to next generation’s female boxers. She represents everything, in what we believe at NoPain and Fight Family. She believes in herself and in hard work, in honesty and respect towards other people.

We are so proud to help and support this young woman in achieving her dream to be the Best of all times.

“I will keep Fighting till the END!”

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