NoPain kinesiology tape, NP-pink

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NoPain high-quality, waterproof and latex-free kinesiology tape.


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Technical information

NoPain high-quality, waterproof and latex-free kinesiology tape.

NoPain’s elastic therapeutic kinesiology tape is made out of top-quality Rayonsilk fabric. You can use kinesiology tape to help aid the rehabilitation of various sports injuries and to relieve muscle pain and aching muscles. NoPain's kinesiology tape provides you with support and helps you maintain proper motion while not disturbing you circulation during your workout.

NoPain's kinesiology tape can also be used to prevent sports injuries. When you use the tape, the joint of a taped-up area is prevented from moving into any extreme positions that could cause injury. In addition, the tape's compressive effect helps relieve swelling.

All NoPain kinesiology tapes are high-quality, waterproof and latex-free. The tapes are suitable for active professional use and stay attached for several days.

All NoPain tapes are manufactured in a factory that has been certified with a good working conditions certificate.

Our kinesiology tape features our NoPain logo print, so people will know that you’re using a top-quality product!

Excellent adhesive and stretching properties


Professional-grade tape


Features our brand logo

Manufactured in a certified factory

Material: top-quality Rayonsilk

NoPain's kinesiology tape is part of the basic toolkit of every fight sport and CrossFit athlete. Our kinesiology tape has been designed to prevent sports injuries such as abrasions and strains as well as fractures. In addition, our tape also helps you recover from any injuries and allows you to continue training even when you receive an abrasion or bruise.

Our tape is packaged in our stylish brand packaging and naturally does not include any toxic adhesive substances.  


Fight Family approved


Designed in Finland


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