NoPain brand

We are a premium lifestyle brand, whose operations are known mostly for these three important things:


By purchasing a NoPain product, you get a long-lasting, premium quality sports product. The design, material selection and quality control of NoPain products are carried out by us in Finland. Each product is tested before being launched on the market. In quality control, each product is always inspected by us before being sent to the customer.

In the material choices of NoPain products, we pay attention to durability, fit and the comfort of the fabrics.

Customer service

Our premium customer service is our number one priority. You can contact us personally for any questions or problems related to our products and operations. We deliver all shipments quickly and safely directly without intermediaries. This allows us to ensure product quality and delivery reliability.


We take ethics and ecology holistically into account in our company’s operations as concrete actions.
We manufacture our products only in responsible and reliable factories, the operation of which we supervise ourselves.

It is of paramount importance to us that the entire value chain of our production operates as responsibly as possible. Our company is e.g. 100% carbon neutral for all packaging materials in its production chain. We can proudly say that we are a pioneer in our field.