Padel clothing

Men's padel clothing

Women's padel clothing

NoPain training clothes are great choice for Padel games. Padel requires very many similar features to its clothing as other ball games: Padel clothing must be light, very breathable and durable.

Padel is a strongly growing sport and is always played in doubles, making it a very social sport.

NoPain training shorts

NoPain training shorts are perfect choice for padel fields. The very light material of the training shorts is comfortable to wear, and thanks to the elastic arm, the shorts do not restrict movement during the game. The training shorts are equipped with two spacious pockets where padel balls pass as needed. Training shorts are available in three stylish colors.


For Padel games, we recommend a short-sleeved technical tee shirt for men and a technical tank top for women. The lightness of these tops combined with comfortable materials makes these a great choice for other ball games as well.

Best training tights for padel?

In our experience, all NoPain sports tights are perfect for Padel courses. However, there are differences in the materials of the tights: Some Padel enthusiasts appreciate the support provided by our compression tights, while some like the extra-high, non-rolling waist of our superior training tights the most. Whether you choose any of our Training tights, you can be sure that they are great for padel games!

The spacious smartphone pocket of our superior tights is also a handy ball pocket in Padel games!