Our story

NoPain’s story began in 2014. We found that in the market there is space for a whole new type of premium sports brand that is brave and innovative. For a brand that aims to create new trends without following or copying anyone. 

Today, NoPain is a rapidly internationalizing lifestyle brand for active people.

Our mission is to guide and motivate people and help them to understand sustainable and ethical values. Our goal is to inspire all of you towards more active way of life. We continue to be driven by a passion for developing our brand and cutting-edge sports products – in a sustainable way.

We are a brand that our customers want to follow, that they want to identify with and a community that they want to belong. By joining our community, you are part of the great global NoPain family!


-Brand Old Man-

Our history

  • 2014
    Building the NoPain brand began in 2014. At that time, a business idea was introduced to the current owners under the business name NoPain. Only the name and the slogan of this idea survived, the origin of the stunning story…
  • 2015
    In 2015, NoPain - Stay in the Game began to take shape. The company contacted Sonia Grönroos, First NoPain Brand Ambassador. Through Sonia, the idea of a brand ambassador began to brighten for us. From the beginning, the company has been guided by a strong vision of how brand-athlete collaboration can work better than usual. Our way is to act like a close family, encouraging and supporting each other. Based on this ideology, NoPain brand ambassadors will be established in 2016; a group of talented athletes who share our values and never give up!
  • 2016
    During 2016, the NoPain product range, the variety of species and the number of brand ambassadors will grow to almost their current levels. It is important for us to create our own designs and technical details ourselves without copying others. There are a number of athletes around us that we are extremely proud of.
  • 2017
    Mirko Lahti, NoPain brand Ambassadeur, wins the World Championship of Downhill Skating. Our athletes experience hard adversity and continue to win from victory to victory. As a foretaste of all this, the global nopain.fi webstore will open to the public as a foretaste, on the same day as Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary!
  • 2018
    As Finland turns 101 years, the NoPain sports brand is celebrating its one year anniversary! The number of our resellers and satisfied customers continues to grow. We are increasingly involved in events where we can meet customers and receive direct feedback on our products. We are delighted to see that the tremendous feedback from our customers gives us more faith in the future.
  • 2019
    2019 was a year of strong growth for the NoPain brand. In 2019, it was great to see that our old customers came back for shopping over and over again - a sure sign of quality products and good service! Our dealer network continued to grow tremendously both at home and abroad. We were involved in several events where we noticed that CrossFit enthusiasts have embraced the NoPain brand. At the end of the year, our product range expanded with several products in demand. We also redesigned our entire online store for even better.
  • 2020
    2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Despite challenging times, we still managed to increase the awareness of our brand and further intensified our event collaboration with several CrossFit events. During the year, we start a huge number of co-operation with new CrossFit boxes and retailers. In late 2020, we opened the world’s first NoPain premium brand Store!
  • 2021
    Our stunning story continues...